Special packaging for your springs

Whether for the protection of the springs or the improvement of the parts handling – special packaging plays an important role in many processes.

As spring manufacturers, we are constantly working to improve the quality of the parts – including packaging. Feathers tend to snag and snag. Special packaging can prevent this and considerably reduce the handling costs during the further processing. This is why we pack the parts according to your requirements. In addition, you can improve the error rate in your production.

So you do not have to pack yourself – Ziller.

The quality of our precision springs is also to arrive at you. That is why we pack the products so that they can be safely delivered to you. For years, our springs have been packaged in the way our customers want. Reach our know-how in this area.

Ziller – special packaging according to your wishes.

Whether as blister, magnetic plate, adhesive film or tray – as a reliable partner, we can offer you a wide range of options in the field of packaging.

Packaging options:

  • Bulk goods in packaging units according to specifications
  • Packing in VCI bags
  • Packing in bags or KLTs
  • Other customer packaging
  • Apply to adhesive film
  • Applied on magnetic plate
  • Insertion into tubes or tubes
  • Separation in blisters
  • Separation in trays or honeycombs

Special packaging in all variants.

Whatever the requirements of the special packaging, we can optimize the packaging of your springs according to your individual requirements. Just send a request to our team and we will arrange a personal consultation.